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    Cisco Config Uploader problem


      I'm trying to use the Cisco Config Uploader to change a couple of entries in a switch.  I want to make the change permenant but the 'upload' but only gives the choice of 'merge with running-config' or 'overwrite startup-config'.  Obviously the former option will not change the startup file and the latter will need the complete config to be uploaded.

      The manual/help files state that a check box for 'writing changes to NVRAM' can be used to make the changes permenant but I cannot find this check box anywhere in this little application.  Am I missing something?  Without this feature, this app becomes pretty useless!

      Any help would be appreciated...


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          And the answer is.... you can't write to nvram.  An email from Solarwinds support:

          quote:Thank you for your reply. It looks like the documentation is incorrect as this feature was never built into the software. To do this you will probably want to look into Cirrus. Cirrus will also handle your non cisco products. Please let us know if you need further assistance.

          Pretty much makes this utility useless as far as I can see, unless there is another way to remotely initiate a copy of running to startup.


          quote:I'll forward it to development as a feature request. I'll also make sure to have the documentation updated. Please let us know if you need further assistance.