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    how to monitor volume (SAM 6.7)



      I'm wondering what is the best way to monitor disks space via solarwinds.

      if we use the out of the box alert "Volume space alert" we'll need to create additional alerts (for each exception)...

      For example, one server need to warn when disk C: left with 500MB but the rest of the servers warn when 100MB is left.

      is there a way to make such exceptions without the need of creating more alerts  ?




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          There are a few of ways.


          1) The easiest way, is to set the warning a critical levels on the volumes.  The problem here is that it must be expressed in percent of the volume, and that percent number must be a whole number.  So if your tolerances as less than 1% then this will not work.  For example if you have a 2GB volume and you want to alert at 100MB that would be 95% full on the critical threshold..... but if that is a 2TB volume, then you want to be alerted at 99.5% full.... that will not work, because you can only enter 99% (not the .5).   Personally this is the best option, if you cannot fit into whole percentages, then you are running a little too tight.  If you have difficulty finding the place to enter the volume thresholds on an individual volume, let me know I'll post some pictures.


          2)  More work, (disclaimer: I have *not* actually tried this.).  Set a custom property on each volume with the amount of free space you want to alert on, then setup the alert with a "Double Value Comparison", to compare the available space with that custom property.  NOTE: That custom property can be on the volume or the node... whatever makes more since for you.


          3) Go down the path for setting up a bazillion alerts with different values and have nightmares when you try to sleep...

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            I wrote a post with step-by-step on creating alerting on drives specifying either percentage remaining or file size remaining (in bytes) using only a single alert: Disk Space Alerting Using a Variety of Threshold Types


            You set a default value then can manually modify on a drive-by-drive basis using drop downs.

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