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    Path of scripts




      We started testing some scripts again but it seems ARM is not executing them. They dont show up in the log.


      In the manual it says:


      Script must be stored in the following directory:

      OLD: %programmData......


      Not sure. Does OLD mean, not this path anymore  If yes, what is the new path for the scripts?



      Nevertheless, the LOG displays executions of 2 external scripts when we used the former version 9. Now with the newest version of ARM, no log entries.



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          Old mean when you had the 8MAN before, it will use the old path with protected-networks.com.

          When you do a clean new install, it will use the folder with solarwinds in it.


          If you selected a Collector (or several) for a ressource, the script needs to be on that (those) Collector server since it can't access the ARM server folders.