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    Since installing 12.1 get a nuisance popup about active keyboard layout.


      We've been using DWMRC for years, since the 7.0 days.  I was using 12.0 for awhile but recently updated to 12.1.  Now every time I connect to anyones machine for support I get a very annoying nuisance pop up that never appeared before.  It says "The remote system is using the same active keyboard layout as your local system.  If keyboard layouts are likely to change, we suggested disabling keyboard translation support.  Would you like to disable support?  Yes / No".  No matter what I click here the message keeps coming up if I connect to the same machine or different machine.


      How can I get this very annoying and unproductive message to stop, without downgrading back to 12.0?  I'm not even sure what this message is supposed to convey.  As a user all I care about is that I can connect on quickly when needed.  I could give two sh*ts about some kind of keyboard layout... that's really irrelevant IMO.