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    Network Performance Manager Data Collection Stoppe

      I have recently set up network performance manager 8.0 as part of the Engineer's edition tool set.

      I have several Cisco routers with ATM Interfaces and Sub Interfaces that I am collecting bandwidth utilization data on. For about a week the data seemed to be collected perfectly and I could view the utilization reports by week, or day (only have had it a week).

      This week it seems that no new data is being collected on any of the sub interfaces. The memory and CPU reports still show data, but when I select"Today" on any of the subinterface utilization reports I get a "no data available for this time period". If I go and look at the chart for "this week" I see all the data collected through out the week up to about this morning.

      What should I be looking for to fix this?

      I am new to this application ,and have only been working with it a short while. I did confirm there is connectivity to the devices in question from the pc running the network performance tool. , I also went in an "listed resources" for each devices to make sure that the server was able to make an SNMP connection and pull MIB data.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.