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    One or more thresholds are exceeded. OK, great. WHICH ONES???


      Orion Platform 2018.4 HF3, NPM 12.4, SAM 6.8.0


      We've got a bunch of nodes that all have blinking yellow boxen on their green status icons, and "Node status is Up, One or more thresholds are exceeded.." [sic] in the status column of Manage Nodes.



      For the life of me, I have no idea why.

      Some are Hyper-V hosts - when I go into the host node, it shows VMs as up-with-warning or up-with-critical in Appstack, but going into the vm nodes, everything is green - no disks about to run out of space, no crazy CPU usage, etc.

      Some are vms where, when I go into the node, everything is green - no disks about to run out of space, no crazy CPU usage, etc.

      Two are vms in a Hyper-V cluster - hovering over them in Manage Nodes says that one has guest status critical and the other is warning, but none of the cluster nodes are in this list.  Again with everything looking fine when actually looking at the nodes' pages.

      One is an ESXi host.  It does have two vms that are turned off (on purpose), but other than that, everything looks normal.


      Search is failing me, just leads to three articles that are zero help:




      Gives example saying they went over a network throughput theshold, and shows how to adjust that threshold.

      Great.  HOW does one know that it was the network one that was triggered???




      It's referencing v 11.5 and talks about getting info from the VIM_Resources table to see what was triggered.

      There is no such table in v12.




      Kind of a combo of the other two - talking about stuff specific to v11.5, and assumes you already know what is triggering it, just shows how to adjust the threshold.



      Anyone know how the heck I figure out why NPM is getting cranky about these nodes?