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    Misc. Suggestions

      We are fairly new to Engineers Toolset, but from what we have learned the last few months we do have a couple of suggestions that I think would make the tool set even more of a value to IT staff members. 

      1)  Quick auto-publish web lists of network status - my end users simply want to know the status of a nework (up or down).  The only auto-publish reports I have seen so far publish way too much detail for the lay person to wade through (the network address is useful, but I don't need every address published for 50 different networks). 

      2) Why can't the network browser populate a master database that could be used as a lookup/reference for some of the other tools.  It's funny I can use the tools and discover everything on a network just so I can go another tool and type the information in again!  Seems counter-productive.

      3)  The network address management tools is nice, but again pretty labor intensive to maintain/establish.  It would be nice to develop a templates for different networks that you could apply after or before the network is added to the address table.  We typically reserve address space inside of the class C network for specific devices and it would be nice to neatly add those comments and reserve those IP addresses by apllying a template.

      4)  Network Monitor - would be nice to create a custom view and have the option to refresh that view and automatically publish the view to a web page.  I have made a handful of views that would be of tremendous value if they did not have to be maually exported and posted that would easily pay for the tool chest the first week alone with that kind of push button functionality.

      Please do not misunderstand my thoughts here, this is a great product and we find it very productive.  Just adding my two cents worth on making it even better.

      Craig A. Rice