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    Bulk change interface bandwidth setting

      In Network Performance Monitor is there a way to change the bandwidth settings for all interfaces of a particular type (like FastEthernet or GigabitEthernet)? I have over 1000 FastEthernet interfaces that were discovered at 10Mb bandwidth, so I'm getting those erronious over 100% useage messages. So far most of the Gigabit interfaces were detected with the correct bandwidth setting, but I'm not about to go and manually reset the settings for over 1000 switchports.

      This seems to only have happened on the Cisco Catalyst 3560 switched we have. The 2950 switches have the correct bandwidth settings detected.

      I should also mention that I have no fear of going in and modifying the database directly if need be. Whatever the solution may be I'm sure it's easier than manually modifying 1000+ entries.

      Derrick Springer
      Network and Telecom Administrator
      Soka University of America