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    IP Address Management

      Is there a way to clear out the old ip addresses in the IP address management database?  I would like to tell it to clear any addresses that haven't responded in ?? days.
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          I sent the same question into support and was told this;

          "Thank you for contacting SolarWinds.Net. Unfortunately we have found this issue and replicated it in our lab. To remove this information you will need to Open the IP Address Management Database in Access 2000 or newer. Once it is open you will need to remove the desired information manually. Please let us know if we can provide any additional information or assistance."

          I think this is a terrible response for a product that is touted as a tool to manage your IP addresses on different subnets. I have requested a script or step by step instructions as to what needs to be manually removed from the database. I will post if I actually get a response on how this is done but I would not hold my breath.