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    RTIM launching via batch file


      SolarWinds Orion and Engineers tools installed.

      I'd like to easily run multiple Real Time Interface Monitors against a couple of interfaces.

      Currently I'm launcing RTIM, putting in the IP and SNMP string then repeating this for each interface. 

      I tried launching RTIM from the commandline and find that if I run "C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\Engineers Edition\RealTimeInterfaceMonitor.exe" RTIM will launch and start monitoring but only if the device uses the public SNMP string.

      As using the defaults aren't the best practice, my SNMP community strings have been changed.  Does anyone know how to pass the SNMP string to RTIM via the command line?

      I want to use this method so I can easily monitor many interfaces, by having multiple batch files that launch RTIM and connect to the node I want to monitor without having to enter in further details everytime I want to use RTIM.

      Thanks guys