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    UPS and Battery status 'Unknown' Events




      Currently running Orion Platform 2018.4 HF3, NCM 7.9, NetPath 1.1.4, NPM 12.4, SAM 6.7.1.


      We receive around 150 alerts per APC UPS device over a 7 day period as per my snapshot shown below (I have removed the device names at the end of each event) and at present we monitor 39 devices which is a lot of events.


      I have gone through and ensured that my SNMP is correct, the List Resources is correct and my pollers are correct and cannot find any further guidence on any forums etc


      I upgraded Solarwinds in February and did not receive these alerts previously.


      Is anyone else having a similar issue or is there a way to resolve this?


      Any help or guidence would be much appreciated