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    PC/workstation requirements for EEv8


      I need to buy a new PC/workstation to run EEv8 on and was wondering if you guys and gals have any recommendations for the hardware and OS?  The main tools we will use are NPM and SPM with a few hundred switches.  I realise Orion will be a better bet but that upgrade will have to wait for the future due to cost issues.

      The min spec on the webpage suggests a 500Mz, 128Mb PC but what about in real world/usage?  I was think along the lines of XP SP2 on a Pentium D (dual core), 2GB RAM and 100GB HD.  Does the graphics card make much difference?  Would that also be okay for an upgrade to Orion in the future?


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          The listed min sys req on the website are best suited for those using EE as a test tool and not those doing enterprise monitoring.  The system that you were thinking about would be much better suited and would meet the req for Orion.  You might want to consider going Gig-E for the NIC.

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