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    Approval Process Emails


      We are using the Approval Process in WHD for a variety of approval needs.  When a ticket is approved an email is generated to the client notifying them that their request has been approved.  The default email template that gets generated is attached to the "Approved" status type.  I have created email templates for different types of approval processes/approval statuses, but I can only get the system default approved email template to be sent.  Example, we use approvals for Software requests, which require instructions on next steps once approved.  I also want to use approvals for Equipment requests and other types of tickets, but the instructions are different. Is there a way to have different approval email content for different approval situations and approval statuses?

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          You could create an action rule that checks the criteria of what type of approval is it, and checks the status of the approval, and then it sends an email, BUT sadly I have found that you can't put variables in the email "To:", so there is no way to tell it to send an email to the ticket's creator for example.


          Basically you can only type the email address which is no good if the email needs to be sent to different people automatically.