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    Weird WHD glitch?


      Hello Techies,


      Within the WHD, my techs and I are running into a problem. We go to update a ticket, when all of a sudden, the update we are trying to do disappears. Ex. I go to add a note, but clicking the "+" button suddenly closes the note tab altogether, and I am unable to open it back up or save it. Everytime this happens on whatever field it happens to, the only way out is to refresh it. This happens about 6-10 times a day, to the point where our company is considering moving to another ticketing system.


      Now, I have tried a couple things. I recently got it upgraded to 12.7, hoping that'll help. I also allocated more RAM to JVM, which bumped it from 3GB to 6GB. But, other than that, I am at a lost.


      Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.


      EDIT: see attached video. I am also sending it as a ticket to their support.