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    NCM for Cisco Inventory Collection


      Forgive me if this has been discussed to death, but I am new to solarwinds as a whole, so I need some guidance.  I have been tasked with creating a complete inventory of all of our networking equipment and asked to use our solarwinds/NCM installation to do it.


      I have been doing some research into how to compile this inventory, and I would like to ask if the method I am using is the best path to take.  I have done an "Update Inventory" to make sure I have the latest information.  At this point I have been looking into which report to run to get the inventory.  I have used the "Device List" report to get a readout of just the devices and the number of each device.  I then went to compile a list of all individual devices and their serial numbers.  The best report I found to use is "Physical Entities (Serial Number) v2".  It gives me the serial numbers for the various devices, but it's at this point that I think I have hit a snag.  I need the serial number of each module and blade also, and I think this search does this, but I'm not sure.  Is this report the best one to use to perform this inventory compilation, or is there a more comprehensive report now?  It would be nice if the various stacked devices were labeled as such, and if the modules were labeled as to which device they belong.


      Can anyone point me in the direction of something more detailed, or that arranges the information better?  Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.