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    Monitoring AD and Exchange?


      Does anyone have any ideas on monitoring Active Directory and Exchange, and really for that matter the network services needed for them?  I'm leveraging the node monitoring and the resource and application monitoring but and not having and luck figuring out how to monitor things like replication and if say DNS is servers are all up and happy.

      Thanks for any input
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          You can monitor the services, for example DNS, but SW will not actually query DNS and make sure it resolves a name. It monitors that state of a service, but it can not validate that the application itself is correctly working. Does that make sense?
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            Unfortunitly.  So really no way to monitor replication for example.  Bummer.
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              I believe the Windows OS creates entries in the Event Log when there are replication problems.  I know there is a distinct section in Event Log Monitor for DNS issues.  We don't run Exchange here but I am sure it would log similarly.

              The work around would be to configure you Windows servers to forward all Event Log messages to a syslog service.  Based on the incoming messages from the servers you could put together the appropriate filters to send notifications.  You can also create filters to parse out messages you're not interested in keeping.

              SolarWinds actually has a nice little utility to simplify the process of doing this formwarding.  We are testing it out on a handful of Win2k AS and Win2k3 servers.  So far the results are very promising.
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                Can i pester you for the name of the utility?