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    Advanced Alerts - HTML - Tables - Extra returns (<br>)


      Hi All,


      In regard to the discussion below

      HTML Formatting in Advanced Alerts

      I'd like to say this is still a problem in NPM 12.4


      E.g. this HTML code in the Trigger Actions of an alert












      Would generate a lot of extra <br>.


      The only workaround is to put everything in one line



      With big tables though, it's not very readable.


      For some reason, I'm able to reply to that post and I'm wondering if someone's got a solution.



        • Re: Advanced Alerts - HTML - Tables - Extra returns (<br>)

          Build/modify your scripts in notepad++ and then remove all the line breaks before you copy them back into the alert message?

          This behavior has not changed.


          At the end of the day I find you can usually accomplish something MUCH simpler to type/read/modify without getting into the whole elaborate HTML table formatting, something like below gets pretty much the same effect and requires a lot less mucking about in HTML fussing over formatting.  It's not horizontal I guess but it gets the job done.


          Node: ${Caption}

          IP: {IP_Address}

          etc: ${etcvariable}