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    No Easy Connect SQL ressource available




      I have problems to configure an easy connect SQL server.

      The collector of the server is connected:


      But if I want to configure a new scan, there is no ressource available:




      What do I have to configure to collect SQL data? Unfortunately the provided manual isn’t the best…

      Thanks a lot!




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          Generic Ressources via Easy Connect are not that... easy... it's very consulting and programing intensive. You have to have a lot of knowledge of what to do (see the manual linked in the License overview of the ARM Configuration UI) and the target system so you can configure the CSV to be correctly interpreted.

          There's bascially zero automation for the configuration.


          SQL itself is a bit easier, but just a working "proof of concept". The package contains scripts that can be used to get the basic account informations. Follow the instructions on page 29 and you should end up with something similar to this:


          Take note of which script was used for which line. Where you save the scripts, doesn't matter as long as the account you configure as process account has access. No need to modify the scripts.

          And you have to know how to build a SQL connection string.




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            Good morgning Chris,

            the sql connect resource do not show up automaticly. You have to manually type in the host name.

            if you need any assistance feel free to contact me.