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    Acquiring Cisco Devices Serial #'s

      Using the Solarwinds, does anyone know how to obtain the serial number for cisco devices, or what is the latest Cisco MIB to obtain this information?

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          Herman, if you have maintenance on your Toolset application, login to the customer area & download the Excel SNMP plug-in from the additional components area.

          I just used this to do our yearly Cisco maintenance inventory & retrieved the serial #s for over 700 Cisco devices onto one Excel spreadsheet.

          See this post for more info on installing & setting this up:

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            This is assuming that the SN is in a MOB somewhere....that is not the case all the time.  There are an number of Cisco routers that do not have that information in the MIB.

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              Can someone or Solarwinds post the Solarwinds_AddIn.dll ?
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                BB is correct.

                I've found that Cisco 3620/40 routers do not have the serial number in the MIB.
                There is a 'HW' serial #, but Cisco will not accept this for maintenance purposes.

                Here are the 2 MIBs I used:

                Cat Switches, etc. -
                Cat 1900 switch -

                These got over 95% of my Cisco device serial numbers.

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                  A common practice is to add the serial number to the chassis-id.

                  "snmp-server chassis-id FKH123456789"

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                    I've managed to get the Excel Add-In working and managed to find serial no. etc but I'm having problems trying to find the OID for the MAC address.

                    Could someone point me in the right direction?



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                      The OID name is ifPhysAddress.ifindex
                      The OID number is

                      For Example: ifPhysAddress.339

                      CORE#sh snmp mib ifmib ifindex | inc 339
                      GigabitEthernet13/1: Ifindex = 339

                      I suggest you add "snmp-server ifindex persist" to your devices.

                      The SNMP ifIndex persistence feature provides an interface index (ifIndex) value that is retained and used when the switch reboots. The ifIndex value is a unique identifying number associated with a physical or logical interface.
                      There is no requirement in the relevant RFCs that the correspondence between particular ifIndex values and their interfaces be maintained when the switch reboots, but many applications (for example, device inventory, billing, and fault detection) require maintenance of this correspondence.
                      You can poll the switch at regular intervals to correlate the interfaces to the ifIndexes, but it is not practical to poll constantly. The SNMP ifIndex persistence feature provides permanent ifIndex values, which eliminates the need to poll interfaces.