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    Proxy dpa:8123 via apache httpd with context-path


      Redhat Linux 7, DPA 12.0 (haven't gone to 12.1 yet), Apache httpd 2.4.x (that comes w/RHEL7)


      I'd like to access DPA via apache httpd rather than directly to the tomcat app running on 8123.

      Now: https://mymonitor.domain.com:8123/iwc

      Would like: https://mymonitor.domain.com/iwc


      I think this works if I just do "Proxypass /iwc https://mymonitor.domain.com:8123/iwc"

      Or I could use "http://localhost:8125/iwc" as the target of the Proxypass instead and get away from the whole keystore/cert business.

      In any case, just thought I'd ask if this was how most folks are using this, or if it's some other mechanism.


      I don't/can't put DPA directly onto 443 by changing the Connector port, since I already have 443 being used by httpd for other stuff.  And I'd like to have all my "monitoring stuff" at a single location