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    Ports on Macintosh PCs

      I was using Port Scanner 8.2 to try and find out if anyone was using P2P software - what I noticed was that none of our Macintosh systems (all OSX) displayed any port information.  I set it to scan one at a verified IP address and it would vary from saying (just port 20) was in use or that port had an error. 

      What I'd like to do is run a scan to find out how much each bandwidth each system is using.  One of the key ports of interest is AFP.   Since I can't seem to scan the MACs using port scanner (for ANY ports) I was wondering if there is setting I need to change.

      Also I would like to know what is the correct component to use as I am new to the SolarWinds Engineers product.

      Thank you
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          The best tool for monitoring traffic across a network is Netflow Analyzer.  If your running cisco routers, configure up a flow and send it to your network monitor.  Netflow Analyzer is free to try and tracks all IP communication, both source, destination, protocol, size and amount of traffic.

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            Thanks - I'm using a sonicwall firewall and unmanaged switches.