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    Help creating Fortinet/Fortigate Failover alert

    Dekyoman 1016

      Hello Guys,


      I need some assistance on creating a Failover alert for our Fortinet/Fortigate firewall. I havent found an OID that we can use to get the right status so we currently rely on Orion's event "When Node Name has Changed" but this does not work (Had multiple instances but never triggered)


      I've been researching online and even inquired at Fortinet but still looking. I've filed a case in SW support to tshoot why the Node Name changed event didn't work.



      What do you guys use and how?



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          Node Name has changed relies on the 'Node.Caption' entity; which isn't the same as the SysName value which I think you're looking for.


          Basically, the node 'Caption' is created when you add a node based on the following:

          • SysName from WMI/SNMP/Agent
          • If no SysName, then DNS resolution from IP
          • If no DNS, then IP Address


          After adding the node, you can change the Caption to anything at all, but all you're changing is the visual representation of the node name in the Orion platform. And it does not auto-update if you change details in the actual device.


          Failover events are almost always gathered easiest by capturing an SNMP Trap or a Syslog event. That's where I would look first.

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              Dekyoman 1016

              Hello Zack,


              Thank you for the response. Yeah, I forgot to mention that I also have an alert for when a System Name was changed but it also doesn't trigger. Orion tags the event when the Node Name changes but it also never triggers. The device is a FW cluster so it shares 1 IP.


              I'm working with support and they also mentioned Syslog so I'm looking for the log.


              I'll update once I have the results.



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