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    Deployment Health -- database maintenance and index fragmentation


      I am looking through the deployment health page and i have ran into a couple problems that i can not seem to fix...


      1. Check if Database Maintenance works properly - indicated the maintenance was not able to complete - KB indicated to try to run it manually which i can...however this will not go away...there are some errors in the maintenance file, but i am unsure as to how to proceed -- error --  failed to execute procedure: udt_dbm_UDT_PortUsage_HourlyToDaily... - 2019-03-19 02:21:11 : Failed to execute procedure:


      2.  Database index fragmentation check - indicated diagnostic timed out -- did what the KB indicated but i can not seem to get rid of this on the health page

      3.  This problem is not exactly from the deployment health page -- however started happening at some point -- when i look at the "database details" in all settings i get  "unexpected website error" -- i have ran the configuration wizard and still have this pop up..



      Tried putting in a ticket with SolarWinds Support and was given KBs (which i tried) and suggestions of looking on thwack and success center (which i had already done)....
      So putting it to the community.....any thoughts?