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    NPM Database Maint

      Does anyone know if Network Performance Monitor Database Maintenance be run from a command line with optional switches?  Because of the 2GB limit on the NPM database I have to manually run the compact and repair when the SWNetPerfMon.cfg approaches its 2GB limit.  I would like to schedule a task to automate the process in order to limit the amount of missed database collection by NPM.  Any help that you can provide is greatly appreciated.

      Kelly Krull


      Kelly Krull
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          I have the same issue and I talked to support about it.  They said there is no way to run the maintenance from a command line, or to otherwise automate it.  The only suggestion they had was to look at the new PME (Project Management Edition) upgrade that allows use of a SQL database.

          Does anyone else have input on this, or experience with SQL and the PME upgrade?