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    SNMP MIB graphing

      I want to graph jitter and RSSI values of the subscriber modules of my Canopy wireless network using SNMP Real-Time graph.

      The problem is that although I enter the correct IP address, correct SNMP comumnity string and correct SNMP MIB variale, I get the xx.xx.xx.xx does not respond to SNMP queries using "my_communuty_string" message.

      When I browse to that certain OID using the MIB browser, I get the correct value in the table.

      What's wrong?
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          Its possible that the OIDs on the Canopy are only supported via SNMP V2.

          The MIB Browser supports SNMP V1 and V2. SNMP Graph only supports SNMP V1.
          You can check this out by disabling SNMP V2 in the MIB Browser see if the SNMP variables disappear.
          From within MIB Browser, select "File->Setting". Then from the network tab, check the "Disable SNMP V2 requests". Click Ok to close the Settings Dialog. Now select "Windows->Close All" to close all the active windows.

          Requery the Canopy to see if the OIDs disappear.

          There is an unreleased version of SNMP Graph that supports both SNMP V1 and V2.
          You can send an E-Mail to Development@SolarWinds.Net and request it.
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            Yes, all of the Canopy-specific OIDs are SNMP2.

            1. What's the point of browsing through OIDs that cannot be graphed or used in any other way?

            2. Obviously I'll have to use MRTG. How can I place a link to the MRTG graph on the Node details page generated by NPM?
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              If it is a custom MIB, what type of SNMP entry I have to create, in order to respond to the SNMP graph request?