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    Run Network Performance Monitor as a service

      Is it possible to run Network Performance Monitor as a service, so that I can log off my PC and still have it notify me if something goes down?
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          The Orion version of Network Performance Monitor runs as a service.
          The Engineer's Edition version of Network Performance Montior does not run as a service.
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            There are tools within the windows resource kit to turn processes into services.  Here's a tutorial I wrote for someone which is based on an MS KB article.  It uses TFTP as an example.

            Sometimes it is necessary to run a process as a system service so it will come up when the system gets rebooted.

            What you’ll need:

            These two executables are found on the Windows Resource Kit CD’s.  Get the appropriate kit for the specific version of Windows you are creating the process on.

            ·     Install the resource kit from CD accepting the defaults.

            C:\Program Files\Resource Kit\ will be used an example path to where the Resource Kit was installed to.

            Open a DOS prompt:
            ·     Start>run>cmd

            Type the following command at the prompt:
            ·     C:\Program Files\Resource Kit\instsrv.exe Choose a name for the service C:\Program Files\Resource Kit\srvany.exe

            ·     C:\Program Files\Resource Kit\instsrv.exe TFTP Service C:\Program Files\Resource Kit\srvany.exe

            Now you need to edit the registry.
            ·     Start>run>regedt32

            Navigate to the following registry key:
            ·     HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\[your service name]

            When your service name entry is highlighted:
            ·     From the EDIT menu click Add Key
            ·     Type ‘Parameters’ for the Key Name and leave the Class field blank

            Select the Parameters key you just created
            ·     From the EDIT menu click Add Value
            ·     Type ‘Application’ for the Value Name
            ·     Set the Data Type to REG_SZ
            ·     Enter the path to the executable that you want to create the service for in the String field. E.g. C:\tftp\tftp-server.exe
            * note If there are spaces in the path to your executable, enclose the path string in double quotes

            Now you should be able to see your newly installed service.

            Open up the Services snap-in:
            ·     Start>Run>services.msc

            You’ll see the service you created listed here.  Right click and choose properties to modify which account the service is run under, or change the way the service gets run.