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    Setting up Custom Profiles


      We are getting ready to ramp up our deployment of Server Configuration Monitor (SCM) .  I have two custom profiles that my business unit wants to me to set up and so I'm curious for the best practices to do this. 


      The first ask is to monitor for changes to the local user admin group within the Users and Groups settings of Windows.  We have had a few run-ins with users using our secured remote management tool to connect and then add their personal account to the admin group which of course makes the security guys not too happy.


      The second ask is to monitor the Windows Firewall (ICF) configuration.  We again have seen a few times where someone will make a change to this configuration and it come back and bite us.  It would be great if the new "Who Is" information is captured too. 


      I know I can set up custom pollers but since I'm fairly new to this product, I was wondering if anyone else has had the same sort of asks thrown at them and may have some tips I can use within my environment.