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    New to NCM



      We just installed NCM, and Netflow. Right now I am mainly trying to get familiar with NCM so I can utilize it to make my life easier. I am a Jr Network Admin for an Enterprise atmosphere. Its a large oil refinery. Lots of switches out in the field. I would like to get it set up so that I do a lot from Solarwinds and have some scripts set up to just be able to execute..Here is a list of the things I want to be able to use it for. Hopefully I can get it all set up little by little.


      To be able to execute commands from Solarwinds for basic troubleshooting, Vlan adds, changes, show log, show run, sh int status, etc

      Set it up to detect various vulnerabilities

      Notify me of end of life devices

      Push firmware upgrades right from Solarwinds

      maybe reload commands,

      Is there a way to just import all my devices into NCM that are already being monitored in Solarwinds.


      I plan on taking some of the online classes but for starters I would like to get everything set up to do the commands and services I use daily.

      Maybe i can get input from anyone who has already set this up and are using it?