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    Need Alert rule for Node status and Group Status




      We have Parent/Child setup available based on the Routers as Parent group and remaining devices as Child group. These are all setup based on the site name, which is a custom property of Node.


      Now, recently we have added UPS on all of those sites. The condition is, if UPS goes down, we need to check that all the members of the Parent Group and Child group are up, then only alert should trigger in Solarwinds.


      I tried to write a new alert rule for the above scenario and could not select both Node and Group together to fulfill the condition. If you select Node, you won't get the Group and if you select Group, you won't select the Node. In the past (a year ago), I raised a query on Group and Node, and got an answer that Solarwinds did provide together. The only option is to write SQL query.


      Any idea, if the requirement is provided in the new NPM 12.4 version? Please help in this regard. Thank you.