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    What is the impact of changing a Custom Property title?


      I know this might seem a little novice but something I've been wondering.  Like many of you, I inherited my SolarWinds deployment from someone else.  The original person that set it up did a good job but left plenty of room for improvement.  One of the things that have bothered me is he created a labeled in Custom Properties called "Prod/Non-Prod/NoAlert". This was, of course, his way of separating our Production environment from our Non-production environment as well as setting certain nodes up to not alert until they are fully up and running.  I want to change that title to "Environment".  The change is easy, the impact is what I'm worried about. 


      So my question here is this; if I change the label on the custom properties am I creating a ton of extra work because I'll have to go through all my alerts and change it or will the database see the change and make the appropriate changes automatically?