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    PING other than ICMP

      Looking for a way to do a ping with another protocol/port. For example use UPD echo on port 16400.
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          Cisco IP SLA can do this using your Cisco routers:


          quote:HOW IT WORKS

          Cisco IOS IP SLAs measure performance by sending one or more packets to a destination IP device or a Cisco router. Packets are echoed back to the sender, similar to PING functionality. Cisco IOS IP SLAs use the timestamp information to calculate performance metrics, including jitter, latency, response time, packet loss, and MOS and ICPIF voice quality scores.
          A destination router that is running Cisco IOS Software can be configured as a Cisco IOS IP SLA responder. It processes measurement packets and provides detailed timestamp information. The responder has intimate knowledge of Cisco IOS Software processing, and it can send information about the destination router's processing delay back to the source Cisco IOS IP SLA. This delay is removed during calculation to further improve accuracy. Cisco IOS IP SLAs also enable unidirectional measurements.
          VoIP networks frequently include QoS class-based performance. Cisco IOS IP SLAs can be configured to monitor per-class traffic over the same link by setting the Diff-Serv Code Point (DSCP) bits.
          Users can schedule a Cisco IOS IP SLA operation at any point in time or continuously over any time interval. This flexible scheduler makes the feature suitable for both performance monitoring and troubleshooting.
          Cisco IOS IP SLAs provide a proactive notification feature with SNMP trap. Each measurement operation can monitor against a pre-set performance threshold. Cisco IOS IP SLAs generate a SNMP trap to alert management applications when this threshold is crossed. This alert occurs if the network jitter, packet loss, latency, or MOS score exceeds a specified value between any two points in the network, and a trap sent to an NMS can alert the network administrator. Administrators can also configure Cisco IOS IP SLAs to run a new operation automatically when the threshold is crossed. This feature, combined with hop-by-hop measurement capability, enables immediate real-time problem analysis when a problem arises.
          Network performance measurement results are available with both SNMP and the Cisco IOS Software CLI.

          You will need software like Crannog or Nimsoft if you want to report on this information provided by the routers.