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    "Wait Time Anomaly" alert configuration



      we are using DPA 12.1.686 and I love the new Anomaly Detection feature.

      I tried the alerting on "Wait Time Anomaly" which is working well, but unfortunately we get too many alerts even when alerting only on critical ones.

      I'm therefore looking for a way to reduce the number of alerts.

      It seems the only option would be to change the execution interval to run less often.

      However it still alerts when only during 1 hour there's a critical anomaly, like this:

      The email shows the hours with the critical alerts, so if I'm only interested if we have critical anomalies for two hours I can see this in the email and ignore it. That's a kind of workaround at least.


      It would be nice you could somehow configure the number of critical anomalies for the execution interval that it should alert on.

      So that I don't get an alert for above example (where the anomaly seems to be an exception) but I would get an alert for the below one, when I want have alerts on 2  anomalies:

      Is there already any way to that now?

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          Angela, that is an interesting use case you show above, thanks for that. If we added a setting in the alert for "Number of hours consecutively before alerting", it sounds like that would work. I can log this.


          Another way to affect the anomaly detection algorithm is to change the warning and critical thresholds configured by the ANOMALY_DETECTION_THRESHOLD_CRITICAL and ANOMALY_DETECTION_THRESHOLD_WARNING settings in the Options -> Advanced Options page.

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