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    SFTP on Serv-U/CentOS




      I'm having some issues setting up users to connect to Serv-U via SFTP. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      What I've done so far:


      1. Created a Serv-U Domain
      2. Set the following limits...
        1. require secure connection before login: yes
        2. ssh auth type: pubkey only
        3. http strict transport security: yes
      3. Created user for domain
      4. Connected via FTPS successfully for user/domain
      5. Created directory for ssh keys under domain home directory, copy pubkey from user machine to file 'user.pub'
      6. Go to 'User > Manage Keys > Add Key' and set name and path to 'user.pub'. Save.


      When attempting to login I just get a username/password error/permission denied error. I'm I missing something here? Thanks for any advice!