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    DISA Stigs


      I was informed by USAF Inside Sales Rep that the latest STIGs are included in each software update. The modules are typically updated every quarter.  WHen the software is updated with the latest STIGs are they available for download or is it automatically forwarded for updates.  Basically I am looking for where can I get the updates for the STIGs instead of trying to come up with rules for each and every STIG that comes out? Is there a place I can go to download the information instead of waiting for the quarter to receives the latest updates? Any information proivided is appreciated.  Thank you.



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          CourtesyIT is probably best suited to explain how to get your policies up to date since he write the NCM templates for them.

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            varmintx Can you please PM me which sales person you spoke to?


            The templates are occasionally updated as part of our release and you can see if we did this by reviewing our release notes or seeing if it is mentioned under the WWWO for NCM. We balance the development of updated templates against our other features that we develop, so there is no public standard in terms of our frequency to update the templates.


            In addition, as Marc mentioned CourtesyIT does publicly share updated templates that can be imported into NCM - he is a fantastic resource for all things related to this.

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              The STIGs that come with the NCM product have not been updated in some time.  The newest ones are found on Thwack.  I am working with SolarWinds to get them updated with the product release.  Once you have downloaded the STIGs from Thwack, you will need to manage the updates from there.  This only takes a couple minutes as you review the revision history file that comes with the STIG zip download you get from the IASE website.  If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me at Solarwinds@courtesyit.com.