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    WHD 12.7 RC


      We are pleased to announce the release candidate for Web Help Desk, which is available for download in your customer portal if you are eligible.  Each release candidate is a fully tested and supported version of the product and you can upgrade current production servers.  The documentation, including release notes can be found here - WHD 12.7 RC Documentation - SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC. Help and Support


      Your Feedback Counts!

      I'm incredibly interested in your feedback, and what's even better is that when you participate by downloading and installing the RC, you get thwack points. More importantly your feedback shapes our products. Post your thoughts, questions and concerns into the RC forum and not only will you be able to get some SolarWinds swag, but we the WHD team will be watching for input to make the product better and better. In addition, sometimes you'll come up with a brand new feature ideas that we would want to consider for a future version. The best place to capture those ideas would be Web Help Desk Feature Requests

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          12.7 RC issues found so far:


          Client Interface:


          In the client interface you are redirected to the edit client profile tab, but the edit profile icon does not appear.

          When for example the following setting are applied where any of the fields are required. This makes the system completely unusable as even when you click on Request tab you get returned straight back to the profile. I know this is by design but you can't continue if the profile cannot be edited.


          When you select History or Profile tab in the client interface the menu names change from white to blue. CSS issue I guess.


          In client interface, while in History sorting by Update etc doesn't seem to work.


          In client interface, while in History searching for tickets doesn't seem to work. Can't search ticket ID.


          In client interface, while in History can't delete attachments.


          In client interface, while in History when click on Ticket Filter, tickets shown on right don't reflect filtered selection or change.


          Import Issue:


          While trying to use Import Tickets and click on Download Template you get a blank page, and no download appears while using port 8443, but works okay on port 8081 via




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              In client interface, while in History clients can't cancel tickets.


              In client interface, while in History right hand panel for Ticket details is too small, auto width adjustment (or 50/50) would be better for ticket list and ticket details panel. because the ticket details are too small additional scroll bars appear even on a 1920 x 1080 resolution screen.

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              We're using a custom CSS for our client-view and the Profile-Tab doesn't show anything.


              Under "Look and Feel" the preview isn't showing, instead the browser immediatly downloads a file (see attachment)

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                While in Client History View the Client can't add a new note to the ticket.
                The "+" doesn't seem to have any event on it.

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                  It looks like release candidate 2 is now out in the download center. May want to upgrade and retest. Seeing 12.7.0 - Build #                      


                  Seems to be an issue with the FAQ module where after you use the Google button when you click on any other button it keeps opening google search boxes.