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    Using Terminal Services

      We run our Engineers edition on a server in our data center.  Any admin that needs to use the software will connect to the server via RDP.  The problem we have is; if somebody is RDP'd into the server and working on something and somebody else logs in, the first user gets "booted" out.  There is no warning or dialog window, it just disconnects them.  Has anyone else run into this issue?  If so, what is a workaround?  Sorry for the elementary question, but I am not a Windows admin just a network admin.
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          Use Win2k or Win2k3 Server edition for your EE server.
          You can have 2 simultaneous RDP sessions up, or an RDP session directly to the console
          as well as one remote RDP session up. You cannot get knocked out of your session, as the user trying to login will be notified the maximum # od session has been exceeded on the server.

          There is a way of checking if someone is using RDP on a WinXP PC before connecting remotely (I don't have the specifics right now).
          Try a Google search for WinXP RDP...

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            This should fix the issue:

            Open the Terminal Services Configuration Tool: click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Terminal Services Configuration.
            In the console tree, click Connections.
            In the right pane, right-click RDP-Tcp, and then click Properties.
            On the Network Adapter tab, click to select 1 from the Maximum connections drop-down list