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    Scan Cisco config for IPv6

      Just received the latest Cisco Security Advisory about the IPv6 Crafted Packet Vulnerability.  I'm fairly certain that I don't have it enabled on any of my routers or switches but I need to verify for the Security folks.  Is there a tool available in SolarWinds that will allow me to scan each of my 70+ switches and routers both local and remote to see if IPv6 is enabled?
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          You can use the SNMP MIB tool to retrieve the IPV6 MIB for each device.
          There is an Excel add-in which allows this data to be collected in an Excel spreadsheet.
          It's a bit of work to setup, but once it's done, it can be re-run at any time.
          (Note - I have not searched for or retrieved any IPV6 MIBs from any of my Cisco devices)