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    Backing up IP-Address-Management.IPDB

      I want our sysadmins to back up the IP address Management database file every day with their central enterprise backup application.  They asked me if the file would be open, thus preventing it from being backed up.

      Since I must leave the application running at all times, this may be a problem.  Can anyone share their experience with backing up this file while the application is running?

      Thans - Stan
        • Re: Backing up IP-Address-Management.IPDB
          From my minimal testing using just copy/paste in Windows:
          - backs up fine when IP Mgmt tool is open and no scans running
          - backs up fine when IP Mgmt tool is scanning but not finding or adding addresses
          - backs up fine when IP Mgmt tool is scanning and finding/adding addresses

          Not sure if this would be representative of a true backup application backing up the file or if there would be problems if the copy/paste/backup was attempted during addition of large number of consecutive addresses.