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    timeouts / intermittent with TFTP server

      i seem to be having intermittent problems with downloading config files from some of our routers and switches.

      I have opened up UDP internally for SNMP. Externally I have allowed UDP for SNMP from specified hosts.

      Ironically network browser and netowrk Performance monitor have no problems viewing the routers and switches in question, just config downloads.

      I'm not sure what to do next. how can I continue to troubleshoot this incident. Any and all tips are greatluy appreciated.

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          I am also receiving xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx does not respond to the SNMP queries using (community string)

          I've checked the community string 100 times and it is good.

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            Make sure you don't already have another TFTP server running.
            I'm using the VBS script to download configs once a week. If I try to start the TFTP server manually to grab a config, it won't start because there is another copy still running. Check the Windows task manager for an existing instance of the tftp server running. You can also check this using the Netstat -a command & look for UDP 161 already listening.
            There are other software products which run a tftp service as well, and this may cause a conflict.
            If you are running WinXP SP2, then the built-in Firewall may be blocking this.
            Have you configured the tftp app to allow both transmit & receive, as well as from any IP address?

            Have you searched for "tftp" in this forum.
            Here is one tip I found:


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              I had these kind of problems too. when i tried to download configs trough snmp i got an error message. Do you have the _ in the hostname of the unit?
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                My firewall is and has been disabled

                I still have these intermittent problems.

                this morning I have downloaded 2 configs from remote switches, however I cannot download full configs from the other 6 switches. All i get is the the 1st 4 lines of the config. the rest is blank.

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                  I figured out the 4 lines problem I mentioned in the post above. It was my TFTP directory settings


                  I am still having problems downloading configs that are outside our LAN.

                  We have 3 remote routers that require I use public IP's to connect to them. I can telnet, traceroute, and ping with Solarwind tools but I cannot view configs. I get the does not respong to SNMP Queries using ... string

                  I have allowed UDP in and out of my gateway router out is fully open, in will allow UDP from only the specified hosts as mentioned before.

                  All internal LAN configs have no problems being viewed or downloaded