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    automatic config dowloader

      I can download all switch and router configs utilizing a VBS script, but for some reason I cannot figure out how to download configs from devices such as Cisco VPN 3000 series concentrators and Cisco PIX’s running Version 6.3(4). I was told from a source that SolorWinds lacked the functionality to pull configs from VPN concentrators and Cisco PIX’s.

      Has anyone had any dealings with this?

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          That is correct, a 'Cisco' VPN 3000 concentrator is actually an "Altiga Networks" device, similar to the old days when a Cisco 2900 was actually a "Kalpana" switch in Cisco clothing. Unless the device uses the standard Cisco IOS/CatOS, the VBS will not work.

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            I think part of the reason you can't download the PIX config is because the PIX is not running a 100% version of IOS it's still a hybrid OS which would explain why the Cisco tools will not work.

            As for the 3000 it could be a similar issue, I don't know.

            Also have you checked to make sure that the PIX will accept SNMP requests from your host?



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              Eric E
              You might want to test out Solarwind's new Config Management tool called Cirrus. It might do what you want and you could always work with the developers. I've worked with them to get some of our switches working with the product.
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                another thing to look into for that is writing a tcl script its easy and can be customized for any device.

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