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    How to tailor make specific tool

      Dear Sir,

      I know that there is default Cisco specific tools supported in Solarwind - EE edition, however, it is for Cisco devices only. How can I using these kind of tools for other brand's switch such as Foundry Switch/ Router? Please help to solve because we want to propose solarwind - EE edition for Foundry device capable monitoring.

      Also, how can I import the specific Foundry device's mibs file into Solarwind - EE edition? So that I can make the mib file updated periodically?

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          EE edition has MIBS for many network devices which are updated by the Solarwinds crew every few months. It should work with the Foundry devices just fine.
          If not, you can request custom MIBS to be added:

          If you would like to have your private MIBS added to the database, e-mail them to Development@SolarWinds.Net.

          See this page for more info on this:


          Here is one of the last MIB updates released:

          MIB Database Updates

          May 2005 Updates
          Added AKCP MIBs
          Added Bluesocket MIBs
          Added Centera MIBs
          Added Fortinet MIBs
          Added Miranda MIBs
          Added Mirapoint MIBs
          Added Quintum MIBs
          Added Radware MIBs
          Added Rainbow MIBs
          Added Sinetica MIBs

          Updated APC MIBs
          Updated Aruba MIBs
          Updated Cisco MIBs
          Updated Dell MIBs
          Updated Foundry MIBs
          Updated IBM MIBs
          Updated Juniper MIBs
          Updated Liebert MIBs
          Updated Microsoft MOM MIBs
          Updated Motorola Canopy MIBs
          Updated Neoteris MIBs
          Updated NetApp MIBs
          Updated NetBotz MIBs
          Updated NetScreen MIBs
          Updated Nortel MIBs
          Updated SonicWall MIBs
          Updated Verso MIBs
          Updated WindRiver MIBs