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    Limitation of Toolset EE License.

      Greetings all, I'm currently working for a SolarWinds distributor company. As far as I know, there are several licenses available in Orion series such as SL100, SL200, SLX, blah blah, which represents the number of hosts can be monitored at one time. How about Toolset Standard, Professional, and EE edition on this matter? Thanks for your time for reading and answering my question.
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          Within the toolsets, there are no license limits to the number of devices that can managed, monitored, etc.

          The difference in the toolset licenses (Standard, Professional, Engineers, etc) is the number of tools available. The Engineers Edition has the largest number of tools.

          Also, because of the design of the Orion system, an unlimited SLX license of an Orion system will be able to monitor many more devices than an Engineers Edition Toolset.