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    automatic config downloader

      I'm attempting to utilize config downloader on our Cisco devices.

      I see issues where I recieve verification on the download, but when reviewing the my destination folder I see two things:

      1: No downloaded configuration


      2: A download with a config that only only contains the header information.

      I've confirmed the SNMP setup is RW. Firewall rules appear to be there.

      Has anyone seen this issue?
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          Yes i'm having a fairly detailed issue where no configs are downloaded but for maybe the header and thats only if i issue the command line copy run tftp and specify the tftp with solarwinds tftp running on it. the config downloader is all but useless. COmmunity strings are set up. i'm wondering if its an ip issue.
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            If just the 1st 4 lines are showing from a downloaded config it is because your TFTP directory is not set up properly. What happens is the config viewwer is looking inthe wrong directory for the config you just downloaded. The config viewer always downloads a copy before you view.

            Check the directory settings in 2 places.

            1st right click the TFTP Server icon in our tray and then click status. Goto the file menu and click configure to check the TFTP directory settings.

            2nd Compare this to the settings in the Config viewer by opening the config viewer -> file menu -> preferences -> download config tab.