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    nightly database maint.

      When I am running Network Perf. Mon.  I have it set to do database maint. at Midnight.  When I come in for my shift, the system is sluggish, and when I CAD I see in the task list that the database maint. is not responding.  Does anyone have a any ideas of how to correct this issue?


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          Same problem here, reported to solarwinds tech support and no answers there either....Seems the only way to compact and repair is to kill the NPM application first.

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            Looks like I have the same problem. If I get a look in the "NetPerfMon-Maint[date].log" file, I find several lines like these:

            05/06/2005 22:11:29        Summarizing into Daily Interface Errors Summarizing InterfaceID 151
            05/06/2005 22:11:36        Summarizing into Daily Interface Errors Summarization completed sucessfully for InterfaceID 151
            05/06/2005 22:11:42        Error completing step
            05/06/2005 22:11:42        The Command Text was DELETE FROM InterfaceErrors WHERE (Archive < 2) AND (DateTime < 38505) AND (InterfaceID = 151)
            05/06/2005 22:11:42        The Error Message was Impossible de mettre à jour; actuellement verrouillé(e). (or in english  "impossible to update ; locked)

            or further in log:

            The Command Text was DELETE FROM InterfaceErrors WHERE (Archive = 0) AND (DateTime < 38506) AND (InterfaceID = 25)
            05/06/2005 23:33:05        The Error Message was La méthode '~' de l'objet '~' a échoué (in english "The method '~' of object '~' failed)
            05/06/2005 23:33:05        Summarizing into Hourly CPU Load Summarizing NodeID 1097
            05/06/2005 23:33:05        Error completing step

            According to this log file, the maintenance seems to terminate anyway but in reality the process 'Database-Maint.exe' remains active preventing us to use NPM.   

            Any idea of how to tackle this problem?