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    WAN Killer

      I have been testing the wan killer program. The only option I can get to work is to use the "echo" UDP port 7. When I try to use echo TCP port 7, I get the message "Connection forcefully rejected". Any ideas?

      Also, I have noticed that when using echo udp, I would expect the transmit/receive bandwidth between the two nodes to be about the same. However, only one (in my case transmit) is reflection the wan killer settings. Ideas ?

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          Well as far as udp goes, it is mostly associated with broadcasts which do not send back acknowledgements.  This is probably why you are only showing transmit traffic.

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            I've seen the same results when using echo udp (i.e., no receive traffic). I understand the nature of udp, but the ****iller manual states that you can generate a symmetric dataflow by using this setting. Apparently, that's not accurate.
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              Josh Stephens
              In order to generate symetrical traffic with the WAN Killer using either TCP or UDP echos the target devices must be configured to respond to the echo requests. On a Cisco routers I believe that the commands for this are "service TCP small servers" and "service udp smalls servers". On a Windows server you have to enable and start the "Simple TCP/IP Services" services to enable the TCP echo.

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                How can we set up WAN killer to test the throughput of a circuit?  It seems that you can blast the link but there is nothing acknowledging what is being received back.  We are using WAN killer to a Cisco router LAN interface with service TCP small servers and service udp smalls servers configured.

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                  Wan killer is just to generate the traffic, you need to use other tools to see results. 
                  IE a packet stats on router, any qos settings you have, packet sniffers, etc.  They can all be used with wan killer to test qos & bandwidth constraints.