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    CatTools 3.11 Ruckus ZoneDirector backup fails?




      I have some trouble with getting backup on our ZoneDirector Wifi Controller,

      I use all the same settings as the other networking equipment, but this is the only one that fails in CatTools 3.11.


      Zonedirector has two login prompts. The first one (Login as) doesnt matter what you type here. You can just press Enter, or type something random. It really doesn't matter.

      The next login prompt is "Please login" , where you put your username, followed by password prompt.


      Can this be an issue to why I can't take backup?


      I've added the debug report.

      It looks like it's waiting for  either a ">", "#", "Username" or "Password", and then it times out after 20 seconds


      Best regards