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    CatTools Database Password?


      Good morning, we had to migrate our CatTools to a new server. We did that and it worked fine for a week or so. But now when I go to open it, I am prompted for a database password. Of course, I don't recall ever creating a password and I can't get past this prompt. Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks,



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          What is the process that you used to migrate?

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            I have a very similar issue...


            We recently changed domains on the server and the account that the Cattools application was installed with is no longer available.  I can log in with my admin account and add new devices but we have two older devices that I need to remove.  We are getting an error nightly that 2 switches cannot be backed up which makes sense because they are no longer in existence. 


            When I open the CatTools Manager, I get a blank screen, again I can go into Options - Device Wizard and successfully add devices but cannot get into the database to remove/change properties for the existing devices.  When I try to open the database, it is also asking me for a DB password which my predecessor may or nmay not have set up. 


            My main issue is I need to remove switches from the database either through the database or a config file and cannot where to do this.