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    Serv-U MFT 15.1.6 Multiple Domains




      We have built Serv-U Gateway and MFT server (member of Active Directory domain).  Platform is being used for File Transfers only and not File sharing.  The initial domain was built (customer 1) and we are using a Native user account (no Windows or LDAP authentication).  Domain is locked down to SSH port 22 only.  We can successfully log in with the Native account and files uploaded.  However we have a requirement to create a Serv-U domain (customer 2) for each customer that is required to send files via SFTP.  The second domain has been created with correct listeners and native user account uses a separate homes directory folder structure.  e.g F:\Files\Customer 1, F:\Files\Customer 2.


      Issue we have is when trying to login via a remote FTP client (used both WinSCP and FTP Voyager) the login is rejected, password not accepted.  The password was generated via the Serv-U mgmt. console.  Also when server activity is checked the native account is trying to log into the first domain (customer 1) and not the new domain (customer 2) where the native account was created.  I have looked for information on this but cannot find anything on setting up multiple domains.  Do you know if this is possible?  Is there a configuration option that should be applied?  How does the Serv-U MFT server establish which domain an account belongs to? 


      Any help would be appreciated, it's driving us mental :-)


      Thanks in advance