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    Dameware Remote Support Inquiry


      My employer is considering DRS Centralized for our Help Desk. However, I need some clarification on how unattended support will work.


      This is the desired outcome we want: push installs of the Dameware agent to each machine connected to the corporate network. For those machines that don’t connect often, we will manually install the agent.


      Now, some users work remotely most of the time. After installing the agent when they connect to the corporate network, would their machines still be reachable for unattended access when they are on the internet but off the corporate network? If so, how is this set up? Also, does Mac users have to manually install the Dameware agent or can it be pushed to Macs?


      Ideally, we want all corporate machines (laptops, Windows 10 Surface tablets) to be reachable when connecting through an external network without having the user receive an email with a link to allow it.


      Does the Dameware agent contain the computer name or IP address when hovering over the agent? We’d like for users to be able to provide this information with ease for our Help Desk.


      Can you reboot Windows machines into Safe Mode with Dameware? Can the machine be reached before logging into the screen as long as it has an internet connection?