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    How to send alert for high CPU Util

      Hello all,

        I am installing the Solarwinds Engineers Ed and wondering if I can send alerts if my Cisco Routers CPU utilization hits a certain percentage.  I see plenty of alerts for interface down situations but nothing for CPU issues.  Am I missing something?  Does what I have support this or do I need something else?

      Thanks in advance.
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          Yes, the Network Performance Monitor within the Engineer's Edition support alerts on CPU Load.

          Select Alerts->Configure Alerts from the Network Performance Monitor menu.
          Then click on the "New Alert" button.
          Select "% CPU Utilization" as the property to monitor.
          Then set the trigger to some value (say 85%) and the reset to some lower value.
          You can then add actions (email, paging, net messages, sound, text-to-speech, etc).